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Self-Guided Tour

This tour is a mock-up of Market Master, designed to whet your appetite to try the real thing. It is here just to give you an idea of the simplicity, capabilities, and benefits of strategic marketing and relationship building software.

There's generally one major reason why salespeople neglect their follow-up. They're too busy to do the mammoth clerical activities required by ordinary contact managers. That's where Market Master shines. Once set up, regular operation is mostly a matter of click and print. Market Master does the grunt work so you can spend your time selling. When we say "easy", we mean easy!

Market Master
is operated through simple Control Screens (four in the Personal Version, five in Market Master Manager) or corresponding pull-down menus which include a complete menu of import/export screens. For purposes of this tour, we are showing just the control screens. Click on the thumbnail for each screen to tour its capabilities. Start with Routine, since that's the one you'll use most. Scroll down to see more.

Routine Control Screen Shot

Routine Control is the heart of your daily work. All your automatic follow up is handled here. Just click and go to see what follow-up activities you have to do today.

Reports Control Screen Shot

Most of your reports from Market Master are handled by Reports Control. In Market Master Manager, there are additional reports available regarding the performance and activities of the sales force.

Setup Control Screen Shot

Setup Control is used for setting up your strategy, automatic letters, preferences, code tables, remote activity and the link to your word processor.

Special Control Screen Shot

Special Control is used for special but infrequent activities. Special Letters lets you send a mailing to any chosen group of leads, regardless of their progress in the strategy.

Manager Control Screen Shot

Manager Control is for use of the Sales Manager, and is only available with Market Master Manager. Here you can set up territory criteria for assigning leads automatically as they are entered and analyze the results your salespeople are getting. Also a past due report that tells you if salespeople are getting behind.

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