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Personal Market Master
Will do all the follow-up for a single salesperson and analyze results


Market Master Manager - (Single User)
A single operator can do all the follow-up for a whole sales staff from one Macintosh. Offers results analysis and past-due reports for manager
Up to 4 Salespeople


Up to 10 Salespeople


Up to 20 Salespeople


Unlimited Salespeople


Helix Client/Server
Several people can access your Market Master Manager at one time with the addition of Helix Client/Server software. Each client allows one person access over the network.

$400.00 for server

$75.00 for each client

Market Master Remote
For field or traveling salespeople. Provides two-way transfer of data between Home Office and field, so everyone is kept completely up to date on the latest activities. Only one Remote purchase is required for each Manager you own.


Market Master 30-Day Trial - Fully operational program
lets you get started. Time limited - not record limited, so you can really test performance. Comes with tutorial and mini-manual on disk Please indicate whether you want a Personal or Manager trial.


(Includes Shipping)

Download Market Master 30-Day Trial


Order From:

Breakthrough Productions
210 Baker Avenue
Clearwater FL 33755
Phone: (727) 475-8991


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