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Here you can print all the letters that are due, complete with envelopes, labels or shipping labels. Market Master knows just who's supposed to get what letter and automatically prepares the right letter to the right person at the right time.

A single click on "letters" prepares a continuous list of all today's letters all mailmerged and ready to print in a single pass. Same for envelopes, labels, etc.

After you're finished printing, one click (we call it "Autoposting") makes a history record of the letter sent and automatically sets up every lead for its next activity.

You can print mail in advance simply by resetting the date. For even more style options, you can set up a link to your word processor and export the data on a daily basis.

On-line help is available wherever you see this question mark.

Because a continuous list of letters, envelopes, labels, etc., would require a tremendous amount of mockup to show you letters & labels that look like letters & labels, those buttons are not active in this demo. The Notify Reps and Autopost List buttons will work and show you those reports.

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