Electronic Flashcards

Computerized Study Aid for Students of All Ages, Kindergarten through College!

Nothing beats repetition for memorizing those important facts every student must know in order to learn and get good grades. Nothing beats flashcards as a way of learning them fast...Until now!

Now we have combined the usefulness of flashcards with the power of the computer and the result is Electronic Flashcards!

It's so simple. Type the questions and answers once, then take the Quiz. Flip the card to see the answer, and if you knew it, click "I Know it." If you didn't know, click "Ask Later," and it will ask you again the next time through. After most cards are hidden, show them, shuffle, and do it again. Keep going through the cards until you know them all.

You'll be amazed at how quickly you can learn almost anything this way. You can keep any number of decks in the same program, and study what you want when you want.

Electronic Flashcards is so easy to use, there's no manual. All the help you'll ever need is available with a click. You'll probably learn the whole program in a few minutes.


A teacher can make up decks to use in class or let the students make their own. They study at their own pace while the teacher concentrates on those who need help the most.


Macintosh: System 8.1 or higher
Hard disk and 2 megabytes of free RAM. Classic only right now.

Windows: Windows 3.1 or higher.

Price: $20,00 plus shipping. No shipping charge for e-mail delivery.

Visa and MasterCard Accepted

Make your own flashcards

and learn ANYTHING faster!

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A+ Electronic Flashcards

At home, students can make up their own decks to study any subject. Making the deck actually becomes part of the learning process, and strengthens keyboard skills as well. Students can add and delete study decks as they move from subject to subject - kindergarten through college!


"This is absolutely the most effective learning tool I've ever found. The first time I saw it, I bought copies for my own kids and I encourage its use in classrooms throughout the county."

Terry McAteer
Supt. of Schools, Nevada County CA

"I like Electronic Flashcards because I control it. Once I've made up my cards, I don't have to type anything more. I just study what I need to study and it's fun. I'm studying my Spanish vocabulary with it, and am learning it faster than ever."

Briahna Lanzarotta
Seventh Grade Student

"In making the flashcards, it enabled me to concentrate on the important aspects of each chapter I was studying. It helped me organize the materials and focus on the areas I needed to work on most. I got a 4.0 in Anatomy & Physiology and Psychology!""

Robert Calt
Medical Student

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