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Salesperson  Losing LeadsHow many times have you heard Plan your work, then work your plan.? Or how about Nobody plans to fail - they fail to plan.? These are the basics in every sales training course, yet the realities of everyday life make it a lot more difficult than it sounds.

For example, suppose you have a pile of leads from a trade show, and plan to send them literature, a follow-up letter a week later, and a phone call a week after that. Simple. Nothing to it.

Then, at a business luncheon you meet a few more people, a few more in your travels, and a month later there's another trade show, and you want to apply this strategy to them all... or perhaps approach some folks differently for one reason or another.

But half the calls from the first batch haven't been made, the folks from the business luncheon are due another letter, and soon the job of keeping everything straight and up to date becomes a clerical nightmare. Meanwhile, more leads are coming in.

Then there are all the fires to put out. A hot prospect wants to see you right away. A major customer just ran out of stock. The car has to go into the shop. What's the first thing to get pushed back when you're pressed for time? Why, the follow-up, of course, but when you don't follow up, somebody else gets the order.

Life is different when you have Market Master. You have a competitive advantage. It makes sure everything gets handled, so nothing can fall through the cracks!

All your leads get followed up and YOU get the orders.

Which Market Master do I need?

Market Master can satisfy the needs of any sales force. For a small company or sales office, one operator can run Market Master Manager from one Macintosh for the whole sales staff. The operator does all the data entry and prints call lists and letters for each salesperson.

For in-house sales and telemarketing, add Helix Client/Server software to your Market Master Manager, and your salespeople can access and enter data over a network.

Using Market Master Remote, field or traveling sales reps can exchange data with Market Master Manager in the home office. This two-way data transfer updates records in both directions and has a special report to notify salespeople of letters sent out for them as well as all other activities reported in Home.

Personal Market Master lets an individual salesperson handle his or her own contacts. It includes all the features of Market Master Manager except those that relate to sales reps.

Market Master helps salespeople stay on track so they can be successful. They feel supported, so their morale stays high and that creates even more success.

Whatever configuration you choose, Market Master provides an AUTOMATED practical solution to your follow-up needs. It keeps you informed, empowers your sales staff, and lets you go home sooner knowing that everything is handled the way you want it.

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